Skin and Bone

by Sparrow

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released June 30, 2015

Skin and Bone is the first Sparrow full length.
Written and recorded between August 2013 and February 2015.
Produced by Sparrow. Engineered & mixed by Timbus.
Analog mastering by Alec ‘Acle’ Kahney @ 4D Sounds.
Choir parts by everyone.
Album art and layout by Kayla Broberg.
“Life’s Passengers” quotes Cool Memories by Jean Baudrillard ©1990 Verso.
“Skin and Bone” samples "The Long Bright Dark." True Detective ©2014 HBO.

Executive producers for Heavy Sparrow Productions:
Wyatt Sloan - Writing, legal
Kayla Broberg - Art, design, merchandise
Carrie Duddy - Concept, stage, direction

Sparrow is:
Alex Duddy - Vocals
Timbus - Guitar, electronica
Kevin Dixon - Bass
Tyler Frenzel - Drums

All music & lyrics by Sparrow.

©2014 Sparrow.


all rights reserved



Sparrow Los Angeles, California

We write heavy music and enjoy big butts.


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Track Name: A Mountain Ahead

Step right up folks hear a tragic tale
Of the struggle we face as a people
At the end maybe the score will be clear
The substance of life is collateral

We bought your degree
The good life's not free
While dreaming is fun
Work must be done. (Must be done…)
Life is war, my son
I'll make you proud. (Make you proud…)
Win the war; and I know… I'll conquer my foes!

Don't believe the things they say
Nothing gained from their cliches
Path ahead has washed away
Future fades to shades of grey

Step right up folks continue the tale
Of our lives gone awry and the struggle
Lift your chin and harden your spine
Chip away, even stone can be broken

Polish your shoes
And pay your dues
Credit's your skin
Through thick and thin. (Thick and thin…)
Born into sin, my son
I’ll pay my dues. (Pay my dues…)
And repent - my debt. I promise I will!

I can't read the news today
How did things end up this way?
Hopes and dreams already gamed
Fun is gone in this arcade

A mountain ahead, a molehill behind.
Vertigo grips me, dizzy and blind.
I won’t be afraid, ‘cause I’m not alone.
The climb we all face can’t be postponed.

Step right up folks I'll tell you a tale
Of the promises made to the people
For the dollar we'll fight and prevail
Souls lost in the engine of progress
Track Name: Sisyphus was Late Again

Wake up and dress blue tie again
I fake my smile now and then
My face looks older every day
Lie to my friends that I'm ok

This rerun is stale
I'm chasing my tail
I know I'm gonna fail,
I've seen this one before

Dying in an empty cell
Just a tired hollow shell
Late again, but I don’t care
Sisyphus with thinning hair

Again I think of ticking clocks
We sit at lunch but no one talks
Us drones go up the floors alone
And fall back down just skin and bone

Rotting with my plastic keyboard
Trapped forever in this beige graveyard
Track Name: Out of Reach

Whenever it’s clear that I’ve failed my dreams
My father watches
He judges all, it seems

“No pity for a loser,”
His voice echoes in me
“Always play for keeps.”

But what does it mean to succeed these days?
When debts are mounting
And dreams don’t feed the kids

I’m scared of getting older
Please don’t be angry
That I outgrew your gifts

Forgive me dear Dad,
I’m bitter and mad,
At the choices I had.

I did well in school,
I followed the rules
But the world is cruel...

Are white picket fences out of reach for me?
The markets closing
Investments gone for good

I don’t go to the doctor
I can’t afford it
Where’s our robin hood?

Are white picket fences out of reach?
Are white picket fences out of reach for me?

The day’s coming fast,
When your verdict is cast
For the crimes you’ve amassed

You put me through school,
You made all the rules
But the world is cruel...
Track Name: Life's Passengers

We will eat… We will drink…
We will sleep… We will wake…


Don't you think you've given far too much
For worthless hopes
(Buy hallmark cards and diamond rings)
Don't you see there's no such thing as wealth
When you're a slave
(The puppets never pull the strings)

You lay awake and wonder why
Your nightmares are alive
They sell your dreams, you have no rights
The laws have failed, let's fight

We will eat! We will drink!
We will sleep! We will wake!

Aren't you tired of the cold fluorescent lights
And the shitty pay
(You’ll be replaced if you complain)
Aren't you mad at the media circle jerks
And the corporate greed
(The trickling down is only pain)

Our fists are clenched, the sinews tight
We ride for war tonight
They sell our lives, we have no rights
The laws have failed, let's fight

"As for freedom, it will soon cease to exist in any shape or form.
Living will depend upon absolute obedience to a strict set of arrangements,
Which it will no longer be possible to transgress.

The air traveler is not free. In the future, life's passengers will be even less so:
They will travel through their lives fastened to their corporate seats."
(Jean Baudrillard)

Turn off the news. Burn down the banks.
Blackmail your boss. Crash every stock.

They steal our dreams, we have no rights
The laws have failed, let's fight
They sell our lives, our rights
The laws have failed, let's fight
Track Name: 476

Must be nice overseeing the empire
Where the laws no longer hold
Must be nice to be showing profits
From the ruin being bought and sold

Someone's buying up all the credit
Sells it back at twice the price
Someone else feels like a loser
Broke and homeless at twenty five

Maybe we can go see the movies
Where the stories have all been told
Maybe we should buy more gadgets
Give the techies out west more gold

The police will surely help us
When they stop committing crimes
All insurance has a vital purpose -
Making sure we die on time

Close your eyes
Don't ask why

All the forms filled with endless fine print
All the bank accounts overdrawn
Did we think we were winning something
When they moved us around like pawns?

The apocalypse must be coming
Let’s get high, finish up our plans
End of days for the last great empire
Better get out while we can

Close your eyes
Don't ask why

The substance of our lives is collateral
Our souls forever lost in the engines of progress
They’re collateral
Our souls will be undone by these weapons of progress
Track Name: Skin and Bone

This machine has worn down
It's rusted through
The threads are stripped
Bulbs burning out

This tunnel's getting darker (Five pounds of pressure)
I hope the end is near (Pull me to freedom)
How will my heart stop beating? (Deliverance with a borrowed gun)
There's nothing left to fear (There's nothing for me here)

This rope has to snap, I'm down to one strand,
(My loaded gun)
My final stand
I have no goodbyes
I'm all skin and bone
(Seventh circle of hell)
I'm dying alone

This machine's obsolete
This is your fate
No purpose left
Powering down

I wonder who will find me (One bullet chambered)
They won’t forget the smell (Into a rusted barrel)
My will is short and simple (Shuffle off this mortal coil)
“I’ll see you all in hell.” (I hear the tolling bells)

“People out here, they don’t even know the outside world exists… Might as well be living on the fucking moon. It’s all one ghetto, man. A giant gutter in outer space. I contemplate the moment in the garden: the idea of allowing your own crucifixion. I tell myself I bear witness, but the real answer is that it’s obviously my programming… and I lack the constitution for suicide.” -Rustin Cohle

Refuse to die in fear
There’s some way out of here
Track Name: Regret

I am a product of my insecurities
I am terrified of the verdicts
And I have always been a coward

Just look at what I've built
Just look at this blank page
And look at this: the underachiever
Regret has pulled me down

My whole life's lead to this - this waste of time
The easy way is gone - so I will climb

I am scared of the magnifying glass
And I am responsible for the verdicts
But I'm tired of playing the victim

I'll sweat onto the grindstone
So deliver your judgments
And I'm through with being a coward
And I'm through with being a coward

These sins can be washed away
Cleansing myself of this weight and years of decay

And I am the one to break
I used to have a stake but I don’t give a fuck anymore
Track Name: Waiting in Line

Burned out on school
The lessons were cruel
Learned from fools
My thoughts are controlled
Corrupted and old
Knowledge sold

I did my time, waiting in line
Got to the front in my prime.

Then they told me “No guarantees.
Your time is up, pay your fees.”

Oh, sweet release
What a defeat
Feeling free
There’s no one to blame
It’s all just a game
Of joy and shame

All the things I have done
Under the gun
No more will I run
I live
But no more will I run

The ceiling is glass, failed middle class.
I’m ordinary, nothing’s free.

Death takes us all, don’t be appalled,
Ignore the decline - you’ll be fine .
Track Name: Icarus

I want to leave this maze
I want my foggy days to end
Hope I can start a trend

I need my life to change
I need to rearrange again
Make it around the bend
Do what I intend

When all is said and all is done
My wings of wax melt in the sun
Our fathers built this maze we’re in
Can’t let the monster inside win

Nightmares and dreams
Of low self esteem
Wake up and scream!

Tributes and fines
At government shrines
Squandering time!

A mess of lies or simple truth
Conflicted lessons in our youth
We can’t tell which until we’re grown
And so we live just skin and bone

Some of us run away
Some of us walk astray and fall
Others break down the walls

Don’t give your soul away
No need for sad cliches at all
The monsters are all banal

The minotaurs simply die
But labyrinths will endure for years
Guiding threads disappear

Sever the corporate ties
Ignore the designer lies you hear
So the way out is clear

I’m gonna leave this maze
Time for my foggy days to end - I’m gonna start a trend

I know my life will change
I know I’ll rearrange again - make it around the bend
Track Name: Secular Haze [orig. by Ghost]

You know that the fog is here, omnipresent
When the diseases see no cure
You know that the fog is here, omnipresent
When the intents remain obscure

Weave us a mist
Fog weaver, ooh-ooh
Hide us in shadows
Unfathomable wall-less maze
A secular haze

You know that his son is near, omnipotent
When she sees eye to eye with spear
You know that his son is near, omnipotent
When youth and innocence disappear
Forever lost

Weave us a mist
Fog weaver, ooh-ooh
Hide us in shadows
Unfathomable, wall-less maze
A secular haze

He is divinity omniscient
Seeing the world revolve with spite
The surge of humanity oblivious
To the divine who bringeth light
Let there be night

Weave us a mist
Fog weaver
Hide us in shadows
Fog weaver

Come mist eternal, ooh-ooh
Come mist eternal, ooh-ooh
Come secular haze

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