by Sparrow

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“Liars” (February 2019) and “Cheaters” (July-September 2019) make up two halves of the second Sparrow release. Best enjoyed back to back.
Written/recorded 2014-2018 in Sierra Madre, Atascadero, and Monterey.


released February 1, 2019

Produced by Sparrow. Engineered & mixed by Timbus.
Additional production contributions by Igor Stolarsky.
Mastering by Alec ‘Acle’ Kahney @ 4D Sounds.
Art & design by Kayla Broberg.

Sparrow is:
Alex Duddy - Vocals
Timbus - Guitar, synth programming, vocals
Kevin Dixon - Bass
Tyler Frenzel - Drums, sampling

All music & lyrics by Sparrow, except:
Guitar solo on “Blood and Sand” written and performed by Frank Serafine.
Some “Paper Plane” and “Death in the Afternoon” synth harmonies by Eddie Trager.
“Bulls on Parade” originally by Rage Against The Machine (c)1996 Epic Records.

©2018 Heavy Sparrow Productions.


all rights reserved



Sparrow Los Angeles, California

We write heavy music and enjoy big butts.


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Track Name: Old Fashioned
(whiskey, sugar, bitters, garnished with orange slice)

A culture full of critics
They cling to feeling smart
A jaded mob we take too hard
We’re aimless crowds of cynics
Our friendships fall apart
A jaded mass of bitter hearts

Feelin’ lonely, we get caught up in the tide
Keep on wasting time, standing side by side
We’ll be sorry when the tabloids come alive
Broke and sorry as they prop us up to die

No filter, no substance
No filter, no life
No filter, no substance
No filter, no life

Feelin’ older, but I haven’t really grown
Never started so I didn’t have to go
Push me forward, tell me what I own
Show me there’s a way to never be alone

I tried to find
A voice to lead me from the night
Dismiss the trumped up ballots
The mindless freemium delights
No oasis here to see
The screen is singing worthless words to me
I'm bored to death inside my dreams
Show me what it’s like to be…
Set free!
Track Name: Blood and Sand
(scotch, blood orange juice, sweet vermouth, cherry heering)

The tide rolling over, flooding my tired gaze
Numb senses, age has caught up with me (dragged out by undertow)
I’m drowning within a shell of skin
Nerves misfire, wave after wave crashing down (embalmed in salt)

Crippled strength of mine
Soon to be taken by time

This lie was meant for me
Made the deal so long ago (I’m drowning!)
Each day, the weight had grown
I am the one... who pays the price!

Deeds of an earnest life, they have no meaning now
No money, no charity can break (the pact I made)

Crippled strength of mine
Soon to be taken by time

I fight with all I can
Against the heavy surge
You will reap what I have sown
Dignity left long ago
While the mind rages on
My limbs have come to rest for good
Sand is all that’s left of my pride
Only blood and sand
Track Name: Screwdriver
(orange juice, vodka)

Plug me in, turn me on
Exhaling the ones and the zeros
Process more, notice less
Waiting for binary heroes

Power surge; electrical dance
Sparking between the widening gaps of my soul

Terminal rage, batteries drained
Caught in a vice.
Screws driven tight, dying inside,
Just let me be.

Pick at my error codes
Everything works on the surface
Brand new patch, line by line
Make out a new sense of purpose

Grind my teeth; wires crossed
Moving parts pressed up tight against the screen

I lose control under this spell
Short out inside my digital shell

I accept the routine
The network losing my mind
Take my time, my planned decay
Connection slipping away

Wireless glee, touchscreen embrace, cold metal shine!
Virtual spite, joints locking up, death by design.

Terminal rage, batteries drained, caught in a vice.
Screws driven tight, dying inside, just let me be.
Track Name: Skylab
(vodka, rum, peach schnapps, blue curacao, apple juice, orange juice, sprite)

Manic dreams
Hold on!

Double take
Every step a fraud
Chased by the shadows...

Inner voices whisper lies
Foreign agents of my mind
Keeping up with cryptic rules
No trust in tired eyes

Out of place
Let go

Does it matter what I see?
Something real I can’t believe
Can the mouse outrun the cat?
Living nightmares never sleep

I don’t feel all alone,
In my mind, in my home
Holding on to fraying ends
I believe; I pretend

Is there a place where no one minds?
Where I don’t need to take a side
Where there’s happy lies and sunny skies?
And the monsters stay out of sight
Track Name: Zombie
(white rum, golden rum dark rum, 151-proof rum, apricot brandy, pineapple juice, lime juice)

Used to mock all their empty faces
Rotting crowds walking through the malls
But you got lonely being sane,
And so you joined the zombies

What a sorry sight to see
Every store is selling fresh decay
Only there ain’t no more slack
On the credit cards

I don't think they’ll ever get
That it’s looking like a total loss
And you've finally grown to like
Feeling dead
Every goddamn day

Walk! Slow!
Stay! Dead!
Walk! Slow!
Stay! Dead!

What a fucking mess you are
Living corpse with a valid state ID
And a shit dead-end job
That you can’t ever leave

Maybe let’s admit the fact
That Sunday brunch has ruined us
And the flies are here
Eating well
Of our last remains

Can’t feel a thing
And nothing moves anymore
Make me come alive, if you can
Can’t feel a thing
As my friends shuffle on
Make us come alive, come alive!
Track Name: Death in the Afternoon
(absinthe, champagne)

Suck down (the shot)
Let’s sing (the blues)
Dull eyes (seducing me)

We spit (our lies)
Show me (fake tits)
Die for (our thrones in hell)

A face of pestilence, but you don't seem to care
The dirty smell of cash, a burning need
Cheap lipstick covers all your sins, or so you think
A drugged up fucking waste of skin, no heartbeat

Loathing fuels our love
By any other name a roach
Dead behind the eyes (whoa yeah)

Loose sagging flesh
Offers up
Wet delights
Take me in

We’re both dead ends, how hollowed our souls
Salvation's dying; charades gone

This bleeding ulcer feels like home, give me a kiss
Pull me inside your rotting mouth
Our sickness doesn’t mean a thing to anyone
Two livers full of broken dreams, no shame left

The sunrise settles scores; to watch with bloodshot eyes
This bar is where we stay, the walking dead (the walking dead)

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